More Lights

With Glo-Balls, you can create a lounge,a bar, a waiting area or a general party atmosphere. Available in three sizes: 12" | 16" | 20" WIRELESS RGB L.E.D. EGG LIGHT. FADE EFFECT. CYCLE THROUGH COLOR OPTIONS. WATER RESISTANT. Dimensions: 16"x 13"x 12".

Price: $20.00

Cocktail table lights

Our light up cocktail table rental can be set steady on red, green, blue or white, or will change colors automatically. This Light up Cocktail table rental is a complete package. the package includes the table, a white spandex linen, and battery operated LED table light. The table measures with a 30" top and is 42" in height. All batteries are included with your rental.

Price: $40.00

String Lights

Each string light is 48 feet long and includes 24 white light bulbs. These are LED lights that use very little energy. Our professional-grade lights are shatter-proof, waterproof, and can be used outdoors. Connect up to 7 string lights together with a single outlet to create a string up to 336 feet long. Each individual bulb measures approximately 2.5" tall by 2" wide. Bulbs are pre-installed for quick setup!

up to 40% off when rent more than one


Price: $45.00

LED Spotlights

Outdoor LED lighting is weather-proof. These lights work perfect for outdoor events, lighting up signs, lighting walkways, or lighting up trees. You can set them up on the floor using the provided floor stands, or hang them from trussing. If you want to hang them, clamps are available to rent for an extra cost. All lighting fixtures offer a built-in digital display for setting colors and basic patterns.

Price: $45.00

Lighted cube table

The Small Lighted Cube Table is an illuminated coffee table with LED light included. It is the perfect addition to any event as it is sure to grab everyone's attention! It is perfect for an array of settings and can be used as a stylish addition with your choice of color. This table features a steel frame with white acrylic walls. The white acrylic is very reflective. This table includes a remote that allows you to preset and control the lights. You are free to choose the color(s) you prefer. This is commonly requested and used for events such as the following: Weddings, Lounges, Black-Tie Events, Galas, Fundraisers, and Private Parties. Dimensions: 22"x 22" square Height: 20" Battery operated LED light included (Last 6-8 hours)

Different color options.

Price: $60.00