Princess Combo Slide

The Pink Princess Combo Slide is a fun, unique, diamond-shaped combo slide. Kids can jump and play inside the castle-shaped bounce house before going down the attached inflatable slide. The bounce house features see-through siding to aid in adult supervision. Our Pink Princess Bounce House Slide Combo is the perfect entertainment addition to any girl's birthday party, family gathering, or other children's party.

W 16 x L 20 x H 13'

Price: $160.00

Tiki Falls Water Slide with detachable pool

This is a special water slide for the summer. Where can be use by kids and adults. It can be use to fall into the pool or with its own pool which os really comfortable with an underlying mat that prevent the hit when they fall from the slide.

W 14 x L 30 x H 19 ft with pool

W 14 x L 25 x H 19 ft without pool

Price: $275.00

Giant Tropical Water Slide

At 22 feet tall, this single lane commercial grade inflatable water slide is a popular choice for outdoor events. This wide slide lane with an adjoining access ramp/ladder. At the top, an inflatable arch is lined with fine mesh screening for visibility, ventilation, and safety. At the base of each slide lane, inflatable palm trees add a tropical touch. The splash pool spans the width of the unit, making for a perfect place to cool off on a hot day in the sun.

W 15 x L 35 x H 22'

Price: $350.00

Tsunami Waterslide

Give a taste of paradise at your next event with our 22ft Blue Tropical Waterslide. This is one of the most popular units in the rental community.

37 L × 18 W × 22 H ft

Price: $350.00

Red Green lime Green Combo

Bold colors and a fantasy theme combine to create a one-of-a-kind commercial grade bounce house and slide combo. This castle-styled combo has a bounce house and an inflatable slide. Riders enter through a flapped opening, then bounce through the moonwalk to the slide ramp. The slide itself has a single wide slide lane and high bolstered sides for safety. To complete the castle look, inflatable turrets decorate the four exterior corners. Large mesh panels are on all four sides of the bouncer, offering great ventilation and views for the fun taking place inside.

W 13 x L 22 x H 15 ft (DRY)

Price: $135.00

Unicorn Fairytale Combo

This Combo Slide castle with a unicorn theme offers a unique style to your event. It gives your event elegance and a superior look. The bouncy castle has a roof, which means it can also be used when it is a rainy day. Parents can monitor the safety of their children because of the nets that are conveniently placed.

W 13 x L 22 x H 13'

Price: $185.00

Rainbow castle combo slide

this compact bouncer/slide combo is ideal for backyard parties and smaller events. It features a generously-sized bounce house with attached single lane slide. The slide can be used wet or dry, thanks to the addition of a removable splash pool at the base of the slide. Mesh panels on the walls of the bouncer are perfect for cooling ventilation, and a side-mounted entrance ramp and flapped opening allow easy entrance and exit. We’ve decorated our commercial-grade inflatable combo with castle-like turrets and a striped roofline for great visual appeal. Price does not include delivery fee. Delivery fee depends on distance from business.

W 15 x L 25 x H 15'

Price: $150.00

Rainbow tropical slide

This tropical combo bounce house unit. it can be used wet or dry for your year round needs. It comes with a awesome water slide and a nice pool splash area for a safe landing. This combo unit is equipped with a basket ball hoop for all your dunking pleasures.. Adult supervision is required upon each rental. for water slide usages a water hose connection is required. This combo unit is awesome for any event big or small wet or dry you are always guaranteed to have a good time with this unit.

W 13 x L 17 x H 15'

Price: $125.00

Mickey Park Playground

Our mickey mouse clubhouse themed inflatable park will be the joyful playing field for small children, especially preschoolers and toddlers, who are big fans of Disney animated characters. This whole bounce house features a large bouncy play area with small climbs and slides, a learning area to learn basic shapes. It allows a bunch of children and toddlers playing together.

W 23 x L 22 x H 13

Price: $180.00

Super Shark Water Slide

This 22 ft high shark slide is the most massive wet water slide in our possession! It is the perfect rental to make a big impression on guests of all ages. Certainly, riding through the belly of a shark will be a first for many. The only thing bigger than the jaws of the great white shark slide, are the smiles it will surely bring to any backyard party or large scale grand event. Your guests will plunge into the big blue splash zone at the bottom, and go home with a fish story of their own - watch as the tall tales are told in truth!

W 15 x L 35 x H 22'

Price: $450.00

Tropical Combo Slide

This tropical oasis of fun, right down to the decorative inflatable palm trees at the front corners. The colors we've chosen complement the tropical theme, giving the commercial grade bounce house combo a look all of its own. An inflatable slide is accessed from the inside of the bouncer. The bounce house portion has four mesh-covered openings for ventilation and views of the fun inside. Price does not include delivery fee

W 13 x L 19 x H 15 ft (DRY)
W 13 x L 19 x H 15 ft (WET)

Price: $160 (WET)

Price: $135.00

2 in 1 Combo Pink/Purple Castle

At an impressive 25 feet in length, this Combo is sure to be a hit at your next outdoor event. Inflatable castle turrets decorate the bouncer. Mesh window openings on all sides of the unit allow for ventilation. Price does not include delivery fee

W 13 x L 19 x H 15 ft (DRY)
W 13 x L 25 x H 15 ft (WET)

Price: $160 (WET)

Price: $135.00

Colorful Combo Bounce House

The castle styling extends to the roof line, where printed decorations add visual appeal, and to the corners, where inflatable castle turrets are located. Red, blue, and yellow vinyl make up the body of the unit, with green accents along the roof. The inflatable slide is front-mounted and is accessed from inside the moonwalk. Large mesh windows on all sides allow parents to keep watchful eyes on the fun inside. This combo is a wonderful addition to outdoor festivals and events.

W 13 x L 19 x H 15 ft

Price: $135.00

2 in 1 Combo Red/Blue Castle

This water slide and inflatable bounce house combo is sure to please party guests for many years to come. The roof of the bouncer is decorated with turrets.The inflatable slide is accessed from inside the moonwalk where the slide ends in a bumper. In case you like it wet, at the end of the wide single lane slide is a rectangular pool . All four sides of the unit have large mesh panels for ventilation and to let parents keep an eye on the festivities inside. This combo is a wonderful addition to outdoor festivals and events. Price does not include delivery fee

W 13 x L 19 x H 15 ft (DRY)
W 13 x L 26 x H 15 ft (WET)

Price $165 (WET)

Price: $145.00

Arch Water Slide with detachable Pool

Compact in size but perfect for outdoor events of all kinds, our Arch Water Slide with pool is sure to be a hit. This Water Slide features a single-lane slide and access ramp. The slide brings participants down to a splash pool at the base. The arched top adds visual interest, and the bright colors are sure to attract young ones for fun in the sun.

W 12 x L 28 ( L 34 ) x H 18 ft (Pool Detached)

Price: $225.00

Challenge Obstacle Course

Bringing multiple activities into one colorful package, our inflatable challenge course ensures hours of entertainment for young people. Participants start at one end, battling their way through vertical inflatable barriers. Then, they climb over, under, or through horizontal barriers to reach the climbing wall. There, they'll find an inflatable slide with a double-width slide lane. Challenge Obstacle Course is ideal for any outdoor event at any time of year.

W 10 x L 39 x H 13 ft

Price: $250.00

Super Water Slide

Super Water Slide is one of our largest inflatable slides. Made specifically for zooming down quick, it is a huge hit at parties and events, and kids of all ages will having a blast zipping down. When fully inflated this commercial water slide measures 35 ft L x 15 ft W x 22 ft H, and only takes a couple of minutes to inflate.

W 15 x L 35 x H 22'

Price: $350.00